Frequently Asked Questions

Materials we Use

Quality and Reliability are the base concept of a good product, but also is important where do you get them from. We keep our effort to buy made in USA, even when not always are the more accesible prices.  We believe in make our economy stronger  and also in give support to our community business.

With all that in mind, we try to carry the best brands made in USA like Hammermill Paper, Oracal Vinyl, Epson America, Dell computers among others.  Also we carry products and consumables from Canada, Japan , Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and China.

How is based our print production: RGB or CMYK?

First let us introduce you to these basic concepts: RGB and CMYK.

RGB is an additive color model primarily used for digital formats, with this composition of colors is how the monitors create the colors you see, for example: when you combine the 3 colors Red, Green and Blue with the same intensite you will get White.

CMYK is a subtractive model mainly used in print materials, which basically means the color is created adding layers of 4  colors as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black taking out the brightness of the base surface.

But, what is generally used to design a big variety of printed products?, it is a computer with a monitor based on a RGB color composition.

This facts creates different positions on the way you should make your print outs.  And here is where we give you our knowledge and experience base on customer satisfaction.

Certainly, you would like to receive on paper what you are seeing on your computer monitor, and how is that possible?.  We base all our printers on RGB mode to create a better match between what you see on the monitor and what you get on paper.  Other adjustments on software and drivers should complete this process.

Also the correct media selection will help you obtain those vibrant colors, smooth color transitions and highlight some shadows.

Special services for Cities of Katy, Fulshear, Richmond and Simonton

For Zip Codes: 77406 / 77407 / 77441 / 77449 / 77450 / 77476 / 77493 / 77494 and orders over $60.00 ; we have FREE same business-day delivery and FREE next business-day delivery depending on the volume of your request, time of the order and payment verification.

If the order is below $60.00 we have a flat rate of $10.00 for the Zip codes mention before. Delivery time could be same or next business day depending on the time of the order and payment verification.

Shipping Cost

Addresses in the contiguous U.S.:

Only in our footprint, ZIP codes: 77406 / 77407 / 77441 / 77449 / 77450 / 77476 / 77493 / 77494  we have a flat rate delivery of $10.00 for orders under $60.00 .   For orders over $60.00 Printing Dash has FREE Delivery.

All other Zip Codes are served through FEDEX under their options and conditions.  This options and prices will be shown at check out.

We do not delivery to: Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Can I get Same-Day Delivery?

Same-Day delivery is available in select Zip Codes: 77406 / 77407 / 77441 / 77449 / 77450 / 77476 / 77493 / 77494   depending on the volume of your request, time of the order and payment verification.

If any delivery is prevented or delayed by any act or condition beyond our reasonable control, Printing Dash shall give prompt
notice to buyer of such condition and shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure delivery is made as soon thereafter as possible.

Can I make an APO/FPO Order?

Due to certain restrictions, we are not able to ship orders to these addresses.